Most of our attractions and facilities have been designed to accommodate the needs of individuals with disabilities. Some of our attractions such as the submarine, the haunted house, the boat ride in Janoschs dreamland panama as well as some of the play stations are exceptions and not  suitable for individuals with disabilities.

Individuals using a wheelchair can participate in our rides at the 4D Action Cinema and XD Motion Ride in designated seating areas outside of the movable seating section. This option is also available in all our four shows (Stunt show, Western Show, TV-Show, and Animal Training Show.)

Toilets and Washrooms suitable for individuals with disabilities can be found at the main entrance area, Prince Valliant Restaurant, in the Medieval Town as well as in the Volcano Arena and childrens bistro “Köhler Jermomir”.

More information about accessibility for individuals with disabilities can be found in the sitemap.