Caligari Hall

In our Caligari Hall you can find the Luckdragon Falkor out of the movie “The Neverending Story III” and an original film set from the recent remake of TIMM THALER.

Andreas Dresens new production of TIMM THALER is a modern interpretation of the same named blockbuster that already delighted millions of viewers 35 years ago and features a prominent cast. The film shootings took place between the 14th of September and the 18th of November in 2015. Different locations in and around Halle (Saxony-Anhalt) and Berlin became the background for the production during that 45 days of filming. TIMM THALER will premiere in German cinemas via Constantin Film on the 22th of December 2016.


Nobody can resist Timm Thaler’s (ARVED FRIESE) laughter. A unique gift, disarmingly charming and so catching that the wealthy baron Lefuet (JUSTUS VON DOHNÁNYI) even wants to own it. Lefuet offers an unusual trade for the orphaned boy: If Timm sells his laughter to him, he promises that the child will win every future bet he joins. Timm decides to sign the contract. Thanks to his newly gained power, the boy may now fulfill every wish that comes across his mind but soon he starts to feel lonely and deprived without the ability to laugh out loud and he seems to become a victim of the baron. Timms friends Ida (JULE HERMANN) and Kreschimir (CHARLY HÜBNER) do everything they can to help him get his laughter back. Will they succeed with their united power in tricking the baron and securing the laughter?

Movie: Timm Thaler or the Traded Laughter
Regie: Andreas Dresen
Production: Constantin Film
Producer: Oliver Berben,
Caroline von Senden, Dr. Irene Wellershoff (ZDF), Josef Reidinger (Arri Media), Antonio Exacoustos (B.A. Filmproduktion), Christian Sommer (Trixter), Tilo Seiffert (Cinemendo)
Executive Producer:
Martin Moszkowicz
Actors: Arved Friese as Timm Thaler
Justus von Dohnányi as Baron Lefuet
Axel Pahl, Andreas Schmidt, Charly Hübner, Nadja Uhl, Fritzi Haberland and Jule Herrmann