Dock 8 - the mysterious submarine

Explore the body of a mysterious submarine inside an abandoned barn. What does the inscription of the sunken and from the sea scarred hull say? What was the goal of the mission the crew tried to accomplish? While strange occurrences seem to happen, two scientists want to solve the mystery. Suddenly all of their technical gadgets stop working and they have to face some difficulties. It seems as if the whole machinery comes alive and takes over control…

The thrilling action already starts when entering the commando center. On 3 sector floors you will experience unexplainable activities: fog starts to fill the room, piercing loud caution signals are ringing, flickering lights create a hazy atmosphere and all of a sudden the mad scientist Sam has completely disappeared!
Escaping seems impossible. The doors are locked and horrendous screams sound from everywhere. The terrifying scenario takes its course.

Duration: approximately every 10-15 minutes

Capacity: max. 35 Persons