Further Gastronomy Offers

Köhler Jeromir

This kids and family-friendly restaurant is located at Panama, Janosch’s Dreamland. Situated right next to the house of Little Tiger and Little Bear, “Köhler Jeromir” offers play corners and space for up to 120 guests. The adjacent birthday house (LINK) hosts movie-made kids birthday events.

Radio Diner

Inspired by the style of “American Diners”, this snack bar offers fun fast food options and is located right next to Radio TEDDY. Take a break in a comfortable atmosphere, while your kids can try out autoscooters or explore the nearby Jungle Playground.

Sweet Dreams

This snack bar is perfect for all guests with a sweet tooth. It is located on the Boulevard of the Giants and offers ice cream, crêpe and tasty waffles. Enjoy Filmpark’s sweetest snack bar!