Here you can find an overview of frequently asked questions!

01. Are all attractions included in the admissions fee?

Yes, all attractions and shows are included, except for use of the gold panning station, the rides (eg. Autoscooter), make up artist, costume and plasterer  - all of which require an additional minimal fee.

02. Is it possible to purchase tickets for Filmpark online or via pre-sale?

Yes, tickets can be purchased online.

03. Is it possible to visit a movie production studio and experience a production live?

Our guests have the possibility to look over the shoulders of movie-professionals during our show in TV Studio 1 and in the Dreamworkers Atelier. We also offer the nationally unique opportunity to visit the "original GZSZ Outdoor Set", home to Germany’s most successful daily soap - even during ongoing productions. Experience real movie and TV professionals live!

Please consider the following guidelines:

  • There are no daily productions.
  • No autographs requests can be granted.
  • Professional production rules are followed on the Set, which requires absolute silence. Accordingly, the visit with infants is impossible during production days.
  • The “original GZSZ Outdoor Set“ is a “HOT SET“, which means an active production site. Accordingly, taking photos and filming are prohibited.
04. Is the Park wheelchair accessible?

Yes, Filmpark was structured to accommodate our guests with disabilities. Access is granted to all attractions and shows with the exception of “Boomer-The Submarine“. Our 4D-Action Cinema offers the possibility to participate in the screen-adventure right next to the motion seating area.

Wheelchair accessible sanitary facilities are located at our entrance area, in our themed restaurant “Prince Valiant”, in Medieval Town as well as the Children’s Restaurant “Köhler Jeromir”.

05. Can I bring my dog?

Your four-legged-friend is very welcome at Filmpark. We supply a water bowl at the entrance area. Dogs must be leashed on all of Filmpark’s property. Dogs are not allowed during our guided tours, or in attractions in closed buildings featuring respective sound effects (“Boomer“ – The Submarine, Adventure Simulator, 4D Action Cinema) as well as the Animal Quiz. Dogs that are classified as dangerous have to wear a muzzle. Please adhere to further dog regulations, effective in the State of Brandenburg.

06. Do you charge parking fees?

We charge 3 Euro per day per vehicle, coaches are free.

07. Lost & Found: In case I lose something in the Park, where do I report?

If you lose personal belongings in Filmpark or happen to find lost items, please inform our staff in the entrance area or at the Infopoint. For registering found items, please include location of found item, time and date. In case you register the loss of a personal item after leaving Filmpark’s property, please contact us at: 0331 - 72 127 50. We will keep all lost items at Infopoint and are happy to assist you.

08. Are there Baby Changing Rooms?

Yes, Filmpark offers several baby changing rooms – all are marked in our Parkplan - which you will receive upon purchase of your admissions ticket.

09. Whom do I contact, in case I need FIRST AID assistance?

Our FIRST AID room is located at the entrance area of Filmpark. In cases of emergency, please report immediately to one of our staff members or to the Infopoint.

10. Are there lockers at Filmpark?

No, we unfortunately do not offer any lockers.